Stages of participation

  1. Selection and approval of candidates.
  1. Programming verification and providing the necessary information.
  1. Conduct a check and send an online questionnaire.
  1. Evaluation of the inspection and issuance of a certificate.

1.Selection and approval of candidates.
This phase includes the analysis of applications for participation of candidates that were launched at Tucano Coffee does not require the provision of personal data (residence, contact numbers). The moderator contacts the potential candidates within 24 hours, sending a message confirming that the candidacy has been approved.

2.Programming verification and providing the necessary information.
After the candidate and the moderator have established a connection, they set the date and place for the verification. This programming should be strictly followed. In the case of a check on another day, the questionnaire will not be approved and the costs will not be refunded. The candidate can receive additional instructions for checking, for example:
- Make a video about advertising on TVs in the coffee;
- Get more information about a specific product in the coffee shop;
- Attach additional photos to the questionnaire.

3.Conduct a check and send an online questionnaire.

To conduct a check, the candidate receives a link to access the online application form. The link is active for 3 days (72 hours) from the date of sending. In addition, the verification is carried out once. If you have scheduled more than one verification, the moderator will send you a new link for each verification separately. The absence of a completed checklist indicates that the audit was not carried out.
Make sure that your phone is sufficiently charged during the test, the sound is turned off and the photo flash is turned off. It is very convenient! In addition, these small details will help you remain invisible to the employees of the coffee house, the moment you take photos for the questionnaire.
Go into the coffee shop! Be attentive to internal and external details. In a separate section, you will be provided with useful tips for make a quality check.

4.Evaluation of the inspection and issuance of a certificate.

After completing the check, filling out the questionnaire and sending it to the moderator, it is analyzed. The moderator can ask additional questions if some answers are not understood or to check the information entered. The analysis of the questionnaire lasts up to 24 hours. You will be notified by the moderator's message if your profile is approved or not. In the same message, you will receive the Tucano Coffee certificate.

Verification script

Recommendations for quality inspection

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