Recommendations for qualitative testing

1. Analyze the facade of the coffee house (it should be clean and undamaged), walls, windows and stained-glass windows (should be clean), a logo, an entrance staircase, an entrance door;
2. Pay attention, if you were greeted, if there was a queue at the bar;

3. When you make an order, pay attention to the relationship of the employee, knowledge of the menu;
4. Behave as if you are the first time in this coffee shop or that you have not decided on the order yet and do not know what to order, you can ask about any product. Pay attention to what the employee said.

5. Be attentive if the employee offered additional meals (milk, cream, topings), if he told about a new dish or about current promotions.

6. When you have made the order, choose any place in the hall, evaluate visually the cleanliness of the floor, furniture and decor. If you notice some violations or there are doubts about their purity - make a photo.

7. Record how long your order was made, from the moment it was accepted and before you were brought. In cases of self-service, your order will be announced on the bar.

8. Try to behave naturally.

Why was my review rejected?

1. Why was my report not accepted?
  • The script of checking the Mystery Guest of Tucano Coffee was violated;
  • The audit was not completed on stabilited time;
  • The quality of the photos does not allow us to analyze the product (the photos are dark, blurry, too bright, all or some of the necessary images are missing);
  • There is no completed application form;
  • It turned out that you were a friend of the employee or were part of the Tucano Coffee team and the check was not objective;

  • 2. My report was not accepted. The costs will not be reimbursed?
  • If the report is not accepted, the costs are not reimbursed.

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